Question Is a GeForce 710 useful on computers with integrated graphics?


Apr 3, 2018
Lately I am seeing the occasional computer with Intel 9 and 10 series processors (non F) announced with these graphics when the ones that have integrated would give more performance, so I ask if I am missing something, because beyond the GPU does not suck memory I don't see any advantages for the system.



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because beyond the GPU does not suck memory I don't see any advantages for the system.
To make a very slight argument for a GT710, it could add display outs, more display outs or legacy display.

Some high-end Z490 boards have no display outs at all onboard (Maximus XII Extreme, for example), others have minimum (like the single HDMI on the Z490 Phantom Gaming) or multiple that are digital only (HDMI + DP on the Z490-E Gaming).

So, a GT710 would allow you to add VGA or DVI, or even just to give you a basic display out... Depending on the board.

Mostly though, it'll be marketing and capitalizing on a lack of knowledge. A discrete GPU, regardless of what it is, will always sound better than "onboard graphics" or "integrated graphics" to anybody who is not very familiar with modern tech.
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The GT710 is a fine adapter for folks not playing many games beyond perhaps Quake 3... :)

As several CPUs do not offer/support integrated graphics, and with most folks liking an actual display, the GT710 serves a purpose to this day.

A friend of mine last year said he plays/played NO games, nor did he intend to, and has been/is 100% happy with a stock 9700K for the last 6 months running from integrated graphics...

(I realize not everyone plays Battlefield 1 and/or BF5, although I secretly suspect they would if they saw it!) :)