Is a Intel® Pentium® D Processor 805 faster than P4 3 2 Hyperthreading


Feb 25, 2009

i had a quick look is that a gateway system?? couldnt find any pics but i was able to run my 805 on a decent heat sink fan at 3.75ghz with only a small bump to the northbridge voltage and about .2volt to the cpu and at the time it could knock of the core2's. that was a long time ago. if you want far better performance without the heat and powerbill spend 50 bucks and get a e5200~e5300 will work on that board probably and almost get same performance as overclocked 805. spend another 30 bucks on a decent cheap heat sink and fan eg coolermaster hyper tx3 and you can run the e5200~e5300 all day every day at 3.5~4ghz far better option and it wont fry ur power supply if its a cheapy like with the 805 (i fried a cheap brand new 500watt ps on the first day with my sys at the time)
That board supports core 2 duos why would you even waist your time with a Pentium D. Look for a E6xxx conroe core it will run circles around a Pentium D you should be able to find one for under $70 if you look around.

e5200~e5300 will work on that board probably and almost get same performance as overclocked 805

An E5xxx would run circles around an Pentium D 805 the 805 would have to be overclocked to some astronomical number to even perform close. Netburst architecture was very in efficient and didnt really matter how high you overclocked it it would just be spinning its wheel and creating tons of heat stay away from the 805.

E5400 $65.00

This will work no problem in that board.
^actually Toms did a article on the 805 because of its relativley cheap price, low power use and heat output (it was after all the much better 65nm Ceadermill Netburst CPUs) and they OCed it pretty high.

And with that OC, it beat a Athlon FX and Pentium D EE. Both $1K chips while the 805 was $125-$150 at the time.,1253.html

At the time, this CPU cost a fraction of any of AMDs CPUs and was the best overclocking CPU thanks to its 20x multiplier.

So its nothing to sneeze at.

But for the OP, if you can get a Core 2, do it. if not then the Pentium D 805 would be better than a Pentium 4 3.2GHz.


Apr 23, 2010
Hey Thanks for all the reply's. They were informative. I have another question regarding another mobo and the E5xxx. Both of the systems I am referring to are Gateways.
The other board is an Intel (Putton Bay) 945G Motherboard with a P4 3.2ghz HT. Will the E5xxx work on that one.
Thanks again.