is a router needed with comcast's newest modem? I have a 24 port switch and I am getting constant on line/off line on my compu


Dec 17, 2013
I have the latest comcast modem. Is this a router as well? I suspect my router may be going bad and perhaps I don't need it. I get constant notifications that I am on line and then off line. I have checked my co-ax connections and replaced the splitter. I have power cycled the 24 port switch and reset the router. Which piece of equipment is likely the culprit. It happens on every computer on the system.


I have had a similar problem recently. After 4 different CC tech visits, the last one finally changed out the old router for one of their newer Arris TG862 units. It has a built-in router. But since it doesn't have wireless capability (that I'm aware of) and because the tech said my D-Link DIR-655 was better anyway, he left the CC Modem's router unused. So, if you are talking the above mentioned modem, yes it has a router. At least a wired router. You'll have to contact CC to see if it has wireless.