Question Is ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB good for video editing?

Jul 21, 2019
I was looking for an internal 500GB / 1000GB SSD for video editing and just stumbled upon the SSD above (M.2 PCIe 3500MB/s version). I can grab it for only $135. However, I was told that this particular SSD isn't designed for video editing because I'll be consistently writing data to it. Is it true? If it's so, any other alternatives? My budget is up to $160 for an 500GB/1000GB SSD. I'll be ordering from Amazon.

Thanks in advance!


Aug 23, 2013
Both the Adata SX8200 Pro and Samsung 970 EVO Plus use TLC NAND; as such, TLC-based drives won't have as high of a TBW (Total Bytes Written) limit as a drive using MLC NAND, which has higher endurance. This might matter if you were doing a lot of video editing (i.e. constantly filling the drive & overwriting many files in a single day); it doesn't matter as much if you are doing light editing (i.e. low amount during a week). If you are a major video editor, then you would be better off looking for a higher-rated drive, likely using MLC, as you could exhaust the durability of the SSD.

The cost of the TLC-based drives is cheaper than MLC, but the performance of the better ones tends to be good. Samsung has been doing SSDs for quite a while, and generally their drives lead the performance charts. Thus Samsung gets a lot of recommendations.

So if you're doing light video-editing, then the 1TB SX8200 Pro is great for less than your budget of $160. The specs for it even show higher write perf than the Samsung 970 EVO Plus. If you're doing heavy video-editing, then you really need to revise your budget and look at your total storage capacity needs. Then look at some MLC-based drives, like the Samsung 970 Pro.