Question Is air out bottlenecked for my PC?

Aug 10, 2021
Hi all,
My PC has RTX 3080Ti GPU, which gives 70C-72C when 100% utilized. As checking the exhaust, my IR thermometer displays around 45C at the rear and the upper left corner at the top of PC case. Does it suggest the I ought to go for stronger fans?

There are no worries to the front of air intake because there is two pairs of three powerful 2400RPM ML 120 Fans for radiator in push-pull configuration together with 3 more SP120 fans at the side panel.

My original exhaust fans are elite performance corsair SP120x3 (one at the back and two at the top). Now I am not sure if there had better cooling performance of 3080Ti if changing them from SP120x3 to 3x ML120 PRO (2400RPM version).

Your suggestion's really appreciated.


You can try fiddling with your fans curves. For more aggressive cooling. As your case fans are dependent on CPU temps. So they may not be moving as much air as they can.

I’d try switching the fans to the front as intake fans. If your remaining PCI slot covers are solid. Try removing them or switching to vented covers.

Perhaps also try covering the top exhaust vents too. The idea being to get more air moving across the GPU. Assuming you don’t have to top mount a radiator.
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