Question is AMD A4-6300 compatible with RX 580?

Aug 2, 2020
Hello everyone, I'm new here at tom's hardware. I don't even know if I'm in the right thread.

So here's my situation:

So, I want to replace my whole unit from the motherboard and up BUT I don't have the money to do it all at once.

I already have a system unit, that I'm currently using and here are the specs:

MoBo: emaxx a70fm2+icafe
CPU: AMD A4-6300 (not to be confused with FX-6300)
RAM: 1x4 GB DDR3
HDD: 500GB

Here is my questions:

I planning on using RX 580 as the GPU of the new unit that I'm gonna build. However, as I said in the beginning I can not buy the parts all at once.

So I thought I'll buy the RX 580 and a PSU first since I can afford them right now. And put them in my current unit (AM4-6300).

I will be upgrading the rest after a month or two.

Is RX 580 compatible with AM4-6300? Would it work just fine?

P.s. sorry for the long text, just wanna share my situation.


While technically compatible, you'd be better off just holding that RX 580 money in your pocket until the rest of the upgrade. There are upcoming new series from both Nvidia and AMD, most likely released in September/October and even if you don't buy one of the new ones, there will be some downward pressure on old stock. 1660 Supers are in the $230 range currently and with a new line of GPUs out, you might find that the money that buys a 580 now gets you very close to one of those in a month or two. Considering how bottlenecked you'd be in any situation, I think waiting is a no-brainer.

Also, I can't make any recommendation for a GPU without knowing the exact PSU.