Info Is AMD working on a GPU they're calling "Nvidia Killer" ? NAVI 21 and NAVI 23 GPUs !

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And not to mention if their new cards do trade blows, it'll only be at stock values and I don't think the AMD cards will overclock at all on the same level as NVIDIA

Especially if they can't get them to trade blows with a similar TDP and temps when under load.
I agree. Honestly speaking, I'm not sure whether AMD can easily compete with NVIDIA's high-end offerings even with the next-gen GPUs. NAVI was supposed to be a major leap in GPU architecture, and they used 7nm fab process node for these chips as well, but the performance could have better.

Even though Nvidia's latest TURING GPUs are fabbed on a 12nm process node, they are more power efficient and faster than AMD"s offerings.

Also, RTX 3000 series GPUs might come out next year, and these chips are going to be much more faster and efficient when compared to current TURING lineup, RTX series. So NVIDIA is still on top of the performance crown.

But the NAVI 5700/XT GPUs aren't bad either. Many custom AIB models are also coming out soon, and these chips should run cooler as well.
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AMD 7341:00 - Radeon RX 570 Successor spotted?

In CompuBench a new AMD Radeon Device ID has been spotted. The new entry could be Navi 14, a product that is set to replace products like the Radeon RX 570. The product is paired with 8 gigabytes of graphics memory and would be a good notch faster in OpenCL.

It has been rumored that Navi 14 is either a Polaris respin or NAVI based replacement. Little is known though. The CompuBench entry carries the device ID AMD 7341: 00 and shows 8 gigabytes of graphics memory and might be an AMD answer to the GTX 1650 and GTX 1660. The card should have 1,536 shader units and clock with up to 1,900 megahertz.
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Some more update on low-end NAVI GPUs.

AMD’s Navi 14 GPU which would be powering entry-tier Radeon RX graphics card has appeared on Compubench. Based on the 7nm RDNA architecture, the Navi 14 GPU would be replacing the entry tier Polaris lineup which includes the Radeon RX 560 series (Polaris 11/21).

AMD Navi 14 GPU Shows Up In Compubench, Features 24 CUs – Entry-Tier Radeon RX To Be On Par With Radeon RX 570.
From the looks of it, the Navi 14 GPU that has leaked out is aimed at entry-level Radeon RX cards with a focus on maximizing performance per dollar and efficiency.

The GPU in question seems to be configured with 24 CUs which rounds up to 1536 stream processors. It is codenamed GFX1012 which is the internal name for the Navi 14 GPU and has the “AMD 7340:CF” device ID. The chip is clocked at 1.9 GHz and is coupled with 3 GB of VRAM. There were also the previous entries which reported 8 GB and 4 GB so it looks like the cards will come in different VRAM configurations.


When it comes to the performance of this specific part, we see it slightly better than the Radeon RX 570 which is based on the Polaris 20 GPU. The Radeon RX 570 has long been a mainstream king for team red but looks like Navi 14 GPUs might finally replace them. The performance against the GTX parts such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 looks great but lacks against the much faster GeForce GTX 1660.

The Navi 14 based 3 GB Radeon RX cards seem to be of the lowest configuration so we can possibly expect it under the $150 US range. What’s surprising about all three variants is that they have the same core config of 24 CUs but have vastly different VRAM designs. It is possible that AMD can replace all three of their existing Polaris cards, the RX 570, RX 580 and RX 590 with these Navi 14 based products at much lower price points.

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Some update. Not directly related, but this is actually for Consoles, but it ALSO applies to next-gen NAVI GPU architecture as well. That's why I'm sharing this.

Gears 5 Dev reveals "dedicated ray tracing cores" on Project Scarlett - Points to future Radeon graphics tech....

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Colin Penty, Gears 5's technical art director, revealed some new information about Microsoft's next-generation Xbox Console, Project Scarlett.

In this interview, Penty stated that "Having dedicated ray tracing cores is huge", confirming that Project Scarlett features dedicated ray tracing hardware. Given the fact that AMD has confirmed that they are working on hardware-accelerated ray tracing, it is likely that these ray tracing cores are a part of an AMD Radeon graphics component.

While Penty couldn't elaborate on Scarlett's specifications, his statement reconfirmed that Microsoft's next-generation Xbox would include dedicated ray tracing hardware. Beyond that, it also seems likely that AMD's next-generation RDNA graphics cards will also feature similar "ray tracing cores".

Below is Colin Penty's full statement regarding Xbox Scarlett.

"" We don’t have anything to announce right now in terms of Gears with the new hardware--but I’m definitely super excited about what the new hardware could do. Having dedicated ray tracing cores is huge. ""

I think Microsoft's Project Scarlett will be powered by AMD Zen 2 CPU cores and Radeon RDNA graphics hardware. The console is due to ship in holiday 2020, making it likely that we will see Radeon GPUs with similar ray tracing features within the same time frame, IMO.

Raytracing will prove to be a major feature of Microsoft's Project Scarlett console, though at this time it remains to be seen how developers will utilise the functionality. Sony's next-generation PlayStation is also likely to offer the same feature set, starting a new era of hybrid ray tracing with the next generation of consoles.