Question Is an Intel Core i9-11900K worth buying 2023-2024?


It never really was worth buying, to be honest. It was worse than a 10900k, in overall performance. Cheapest 11900k, that I see on Ebay is still $300. You could get a 12700k, for $259 on newegg right now, and it would run circles around it. Even at the $304, on amazon, it's a far better buy.

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CPU: Intel Core i7-12700K 3.6 GHz 12-Core Processor ($259.99 @ Newegg)
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I would say it is very much according to price both for the CPU as well as a strong (VRM) motherboard. Of no doubt there are some good Z590 boards selling cheap now. The i9, however, is much less often seen at a good price. In that regard the i7 is the chip to watch for right now.

The 11900K is basically just an 11700K that was binned to be faster than 5GHz. They run hot and require both great power delivery as well as great cooling. With that said, they are still a strong contender and beefy enough to remain relevant for some years moving forward.

There are some great pricing options available now as well as surely getting better to come on 12th gen (for now) but that savings could likely be quickly un-realized with motherboard price.
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Hi everyone, is an Intel Core i9-11900K worth buying 2023-2024?

Any help and advice is appreciated.
I would look at the i7 12700 / 12700F.

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is an Intel Core i9-11900K worth buying
The used market is good for Intel CPUs and motherboards. It would be best to sell what you have and start fresh. The 12th and 13th Gen computers are a big step up from 10th or 11th Gen. You can use your present DDR4 memory if you get a new 12th or 13th Gen DDR4 motherboard.

I would look at the i7 12700 / 12700F.
I would go one step further and get a 13600K instead with a B760 or B660 motherboard. This combo can score over 24000 points in Cinebench R23. It is very competitive with the 12700K and a step ahead of the 12700 non K processors in most benchmarks. The 13600K can run all of the P cores at 5.1 GHz regardless of how many cores are active.

Some of the Asus B760 / B660 boards have a simple option in the BIOS that lets you use the early 0x104 microcode. Why is that important? The wizards at Intel have decided to start blocking CPU voltage control. Newer BIOS versions use the newer microcode. CPUs end up running at sky high voltages with no way to lower the voltage. Thanks Intel.

With an early BIOS or early microcode version, you can use ThrottleStop to undervolt your CPU. It only takes a few seconds to undervolt a 13600K by -125 mV. Check out the results posted on reddit. This user saw a 25°C drop in his maximum CPU temperature when running Cinebench R23.


Less power consumption equals less heat so you can use a cheap air cooler and still get great performance.

I know 11th Gen does not seem that long ago. The reality is that it made little sense when 11th Gen was introduced and it makes no sense today.
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Hi everyone, is an Intel Core i9-11900K worth buying 2023-2024?

Any help and advice is appreciated.
Worth is something only YOU can determine.
If you are buying new, definitely not.
Current gen is better price/performance.

If 11900K performance meets your needs, then the used price needs to be low enough.

Can you be more specific on what parts you have and what you think you need?
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Hi everyone, is an Intel Core i9-11900K worth buying 2023-2024?

Any help and advice is appreciated.
It's a perfectly capable CPU but I would generally say no. It really depends, if you already have a 10th or 11th gen build with an i5 or less, you have a capable board and the i9 11900K can be had for a good price. Then it might well be worth it as a drop in upgrade, but it really depends on context.

It makes sense if you have a support platform, but if your building from scratch you are much better served by the newest hardware.


i7-11700k is also $245 or so. Basically, the same as an 11900K. The 12th gen and 13th gen had a difference between the i7 and i9 in e-cores and cache, the 11th gen really didn't except a little clock speed.

Only worth it if you already have an LGA1200 board and have something like an i5 to replace.


Feb 13, 2012
Without a price and some informatyion about your situation, your question is pointless.

Is it worth buying for $5 by someone who has to pay absolute bottom dollar to assemble a system?

Is it worth paying $300?

Those are answerable questions.

"Is the 11900K worth it?" is not.
The 11900K wasn't even worth buying when it released.

As already said, it's basically a 11700K that can clock 200-300 MHz higher and pulls 15W more. Which isn't much at the clocks both boost to anyway.
As GamersNexus put it "it's a waste of sand"
The same 8 core/16 thread chip as it's i7 counterpart. The 10900K had hat least more cores, as does the 12900K.

And since both, the 11700K and 11900K are overclockable, you could do that yourself.

It's a curiosity. A chip made so that they could claim to have the fastest CPU for a moment.

If you already have a LGA1200 board and want to max it out, rather look at the 10900K or 11700K, both have different strengths, but will be a better choice.
If you just want to put together a fast computer from used parts, the same applies but Core i 13th gen and AMD also exist. Stuff like the i5-13600K, i7-13700K, i9-13900K, Ryzen 5800X3D, 5950X, etc.