Is an RTX 2080 way too much for a laptop?

You really need to try and find reviews of the specific laptop, however a 2080 does seem over the top for 1080p. I’m running a 9750h & 2060 with a 1080p 144Hz monitor and it’s an excellent setup. The only problem is the Intel cpu runs extremely hot, I had to undervolt and reduce the boost speeds to keep the cpu temperature at 80-85c. This is a common problem with Intel gaming laptops. It is becoming harder to undervolt as newer BIOS lock out this feature due to a security vulnerability. The 2060 actually runs very well, never goes over 80c.
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I think there is an error in the web site, a laptop with the selected specs should be quite a lot more money, 2080 super, and 32 gb of RAM, 1tb SSD, someone made a mistake there. This is 1,600 and has a 2070 card and half as big of a drive

If you can actually buy that at the price, it's worth it. You can always run an external 1440 screen at 120-144hz off that. It should be over $2,000 into the range of 3,000 USD.
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