Is an SSD worth it for my specific needs?


Oct 30, 2011
Hey guys,

I made a series of mistakes when i built my first PC. i bought an amd phenom ii CPU, which in retrospect was a big mistake. i also should have bought a more powerful graphics card.

I rue these decisions because i make lets plays and commentary videos on youtube. i do a lot of recording, editing and rendering. Quite frankly, i think i could get a lot better performance in two areas: the FPS when i record PC games, and more importantly, the time it takes to render videos.

While i don't have $500 to upgrade my GPU or hundreds of dollars to upgrade my CPU and MOBO, i WILL have 150-200 $$ to spend on an SSD sometime in the next month or two.

What i want to know is if buying an SSD would give me a significant enough performance increase in the two areas i need most. In terms of recording PC gameplay, i know i might have a couple other options, like switching from FRAPS (cpu-intensive) to DXTORY for recording my PC games (i haven't done this because i've gotten bad results with the DXTORY free trial).

I know an SSD will vastly increase the time it takes to boot the computer and i've seen vids (like the one on tom's hardware) showing how fast an SSD can open programs for you. Will it only open the programs installed on the SSD more quickly or since windows, the computer's main program, is running on the SSD, does that automatically improve most speed timings?

Second, if i install a game onto an SSD, will that help with in-game FPS while recording since FRAPS has to read from a quicker drive?

Finally, will it improve rendering times if i render a file to the SSD?

Thanks for your time.


SSD's have little impact of gaming. Fraps might improve if you have it writing to a seperate drive than the game & windows is using.
Rendering will also improve simply because you added another drive , not because its an SSD. The process can't move any faster than the slowest part in the workflow. You will need to read from one and write to the other to see this. Ideally you'd like to add a scratch disk too.

edit - I just noticed that you already have 2 drives so an SSD would be the 3rd. :)