Is anyone still using OLD technology?


Jan 7, 2010
I am still using a Dell 2350, bought in 2003.

P4 2.6ghz (recently upgraded from Celeron 2.2 ghz)
256 mb PCI video card (recently upgraded from integrated video)
784 Mb PC2100 (266 mhz) DDR ram
160 gb IDE Hdd (recently upgraded from 40 gb)

But damn, this machine is fast for what I want to do: office work(spreadsheets, wp), programming(Visual Basic, C), internet, occasional DVD playing, Warcraft 3, Chessmaster 10, playing music.

I'll probably use it until 2014, when M$ stops supporting Win XP. :D


Apr 20, 2007
How old is old?

Main system is P4 3.2GHz Prescott with 3GB DDR400 (still dual channel though :p) and GeForce 6800 Ultra AGP. Still plays the games I want very nicely, and only shows its age when I do motion graphics work.

Development server is an Athlon XP 3200 with 768MB RAM (won't boot with 1GB even though the mobo supports 1.5GB).

Still use my Ruby G3 iMac for cross-platform testing, maxed to 768MB RAM and runs OSX 10.2 surprisingly well when she gets going.

Also built a Windows 98/DOS gaming rig from an old 1GHz Pentium III with 512MB RAM.

It's scary how fast a clean install of Windows can be. A while back a friend got his hands on some old parts from a computer shop down the road and we had a play. I built a Pentium II 400MHz box with 256MB RAM, dropped Windows 98 SE on it and for web browsing and light documents it was blindingly fast, faster in fact than my 1GHz Pentium III at the time (although it was running Windows 2000).
For simple office workstations I still have three socket 939's and three socket 754 systems running everyday. Also two Pentium D systems being used. I have a perfect running Socket A Athlon 3200 as well as a Pentium II 450MHz XP machine running as well, but not for every day use. Also a socket 486 Pentium 4 Northwood running. The 939's one with a single core FX55 and the other with a 4800X2 are still fast and enjoyable to use. My Pentium I 100MHz. system bit the dust recently.
I discarded my still working Pentium 233MMX system last year. I am writing this on a 7 year old AMD system until I get everything changed over to a newer Intel quad core system.

So "Is anyone still using OLD technology?" A lot of us. A box that may not be able to play modern games can still run office apps and surf the net.


Jun 5, 2007
Ive just sold my house.

In the attic i found my first homebuilt pc - a cyrix 6x86 133+ with 32mb of RAM and a 1gb hard disk. It also hada creative AWE64 sound card. The graphics subsystem was surprisingly decent comprising of a 12mb matrox millenium g200, 2x 16mb voodooIIs and a creative encore dxrII mpeg decoder - the whole thing dates from about 1992-1994. I also found a 14" elonex svga monitor (non interlaced! radiation king).

Amazingly the whole thing still worked, (dual booting windows 3.11/windows 95) and had duke nukem 3d, carmageddon, and syndicate wars on it.


Jul 12, 2009
^^Will, nice. :D That must have been >$3.5k back then.

Uhmm, my file server was my first custom built PC. Someone gave me their spare parts, and I put them together (not really knowing what I was doing).

It's a P4 2.0GHz OC to 2.6GHz
Nvidia Geforce 2 MX 440 256MB(?)
2xMaxtor 8.5GB HDDs
IBM Deskstar 60GB HDD
Adaptec AHA-2930CU
Sony SDT-9000 DDS3 Tape Drive
Creative Soundblaster Live 16 - EMU10k
Princeton LCD17D monitor (slave to my macbook now)

Well, that's old enough for me, anyway. I use my macbook for office stuff and another Core 2 PC for gaming. I'm going to upgrade soon to a i7 930/X-25M/X58A-UD3R. Probably beginning of March. :)
Hmm, my 3-yr-old son enjoys playing with an ancient Pentium 166 machine since it has a bunch of old games (PetZ, BabyZ, etc) that my daughter played back when she was a kid. Runs Windows 98 and takes forever to boot up, but stands up so far to his abuse (have to go in and restore the desktop about twice a day since he deletes all the icons, moves the taskbar all over the place, etc etc.). Of course, I won't let him touch anything more modern :D.
OK - I'm current using a system with two rack mounted computers - PII-90 running windows 3.11 for workgroup (HDDs = 2 gig SCSI). This is at work and is used to test a satilite. System was not used from 2005->2008 Just now looking at upgrading - 100K budget, estimating 10K to 20K on hardware, the rest on software)

I have my 1 GB HD sitting here on the desk. Seagate ST51080AI have the same 16Mb matrox card i believe. My first system too. I believe the MB finally bit the dust.

I'll take $193 for it! Any guess as to why so much. How about the matrox VC? It must be worth at least two of these HDs. LOL.



A 4 year old laptop with an Athlon 3500, 1gb DDR 333, and integrated radeon express 200 is the oldest I've still got going. I have some socket 754 cpu's and boards along with DDR ram still sitting in a closet unused, I reused my old cases/psu's/etc to build AM2+ systems out of them in 08. A Phenom 9850 is currently my oldest thing because anything else still worth using I've given away to friends/family. lol


Dec 31, 2007
Gave my P4 3.2GHz Prescott system to my mom recently. She finds it faster than the cheap e-machine they'd bought that died within two years.

My brother does web-surfing, light gaming on a 3.0GHz Prescott, 2GB dual channel, Radeon X850 PRO AGP card, machine I built from parts for him last Xmas.

I have a client's 2005 laptop I'm doing a clean install on so he can remote into his office.


Feb 24, 2006
My oldest rig (that's still used on occasion) is a Dell Dimension XPS r450, which was originally a pentium II 450, but is now running a modded Celeron 1.3GHz Tualatin on a slocket adapter, with 192MB ram, 10GB seagate hard drive, ATI rage128 pro AGP card, and Windows ME. That's right, ME. The BEST 9x OS. Bad when new, but great today. This rig is located in my vacation home, that gets used about once a month.

I'll be buying a shop to store all my cars, and plan to build up my old K6-2 once again for a nice shop computer. Unfortunately, Ebay is getting expensive for nice MVP3 boards...

Also have pieces to a Duron system laying about. Eventually I would like to have a computer for each good generation of AMD CPU: K6-2, K7 (Duron), K8 (My Sempron HTPC), and K10 (my new Athlon II rig).


Jan 23, 2010
It proves the saying " No matter how bad things seem, there will always be someone worse off than you are ". I'm running a 2002 Compaq 6029US with their 07D0h mobo, XP2100+ CPU, upped the memory from 512mb to 1 gig, went from an 80 gig HD to 160, added two 4 port USB 2.0 cards since my POS only came with 4 1.0 USB's, switched to a Sony DVD burner, added an external 500 gig HD and recently graduated ( if you want to call it that ) from onboard graphics ( grrr!! ) to an nVidia GeForce 5200 AGP card. I'd love to upgrade my PSU to get a better GPU, but my mobo won't allow it due to some power connections on the mobo unique to Compaq. Overclocking? Ha!!! Compaq's BIOS won't let you get near that idea! Video and sound editing take agonizingly long times to process, but photo editing times with PE 5.0 seemed to have been cut by half the time, even RAW files. I'll drive this thing until the wheels fall off, and considering how much I've "abused" this thing and still keeps running, it's a wonder it hasn't burst into flames.
I'll drive this thing until the wheels fall off, and considering how much I've "abused" this thing and still keeps running, it's a wonder it hasn't burst into flames.

Newegg has a nice selection of PCI video cards.

5.25 bay power supply.

Be cautious at the mall after upgrading that thing to any more new heights that you already have. :lol: