Question Is Asrock x570 gaming phantom 4 good?


Mar 6, 2017
So, i am looking to upgrade my current build which is:
i5 6600
asus h270f gaming strix
corsair vengeance 2400 mhz 8x2 gb
gtx 1060 6g
corsair rm650x

So i am going with ryzen 5 3600, but i am confused about the motherboard,
am looking at two mobos:
Asrock b450 pro 4
and asrock x570 gaming phantom 4.
So my question is whether the asrock x570 gaming phantom 4 a good motherboard? Are the vrm's good? Is pcie 4.0 that important for future gpu upgrades? Also i will be using the previous ram sticks and will overclock them, so is this a board with good overclocking potential?
My second option is going with the asrock b450 which leave me some money to upgrade to a 3200 mhz ram...


Dec 4, 2019
Can you wait a couple more weeks? The B550’s will be released. Should get a better value for your investment. Also, research now and hit the order button immediately. They will go fast
May 22, 2020
Agreed with GarrettL. It's best to wait because the prices for PC parts have gone up a lot.

To answer your question though, I have the ASRock Phantom Gaming 4 with a Ryzen 5 3600X.

I am new to PC building so I bought this because I was under the impression that B450 motherboards don't support 3000 series Ryzen- of course 1 week later, I learned of such things as B450 MAX and of the like (that is besides the point)

It is NOT a bad motherboard, but there are better options when going for x570. I've watched several videos of tech YouTuber's reviewing this motherboard and some say this is essentially "just a B450 with PCIe Gen 4" that could offer a little overclocking. (Don't quote me on this!)

If I were you, assuming that you still want the 3600 even though 4000 series are expected to come end of this year, I would go for a good B450 motherboard that supports Ryzen 3000. You don't often see R5 3600 with an x570 but the reasons for using one is user dependent- that being if you want to use PCIe Gen 4 and such.
Like you mentioned, I would use those extra bucks to get faster RAM, preferably at least 3200Mhz speed with decent CAS latency. The 3600 will benefit tremendously with fast RAM speed and the FPS gained makes a difference.

In another note, I also used the Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 2400Mhz on my build from my old one and only got a stable overclock of 2666Mhz on the x570. This was not really enough for the Ryzen chip and I then switched to a pair of G. Skill Ripjaws V 3600Mhz CL16. Performance is much better with this RAM than the overclocked Corsair ones.

So to answer your question, well, its up to you really. You can use my reasoning and experience and see if you think getting the x570 is worth it or not.

I'm sure others may have a different input to add so don't take my word as your ultimate decision.
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