Is asus ati raedon 6670 sufficient for 20 moniter


Sep 10, 2011
Hi everyone ,i recently bought i5-2400;
motherboard-GA h67m d2b3
and i have a 20 inch led lcd monitor (1600*900)
i was thinking of buying a budget gpu ,will asus ati raedon 6670 be good for me?cn u suggest me other better gpus within 100$


For a moment, I though you meant 20 monitors since that's what the question looks like. Robjordy is pretty much on spot. The 6670 will handle a 1600x900 resolution like any other video card. It's not great for intensive gaming (Crysis, Crysis 2, Metro 2033, etc.), but it'll handle any Source games from Valve and other games pretty well. As for the PSU factor that robjordy mentioned, the 6670 consumes at load about 60W and total system power consumption will come to about 200W at load. A decent 250W to 300W will work just fine.
Maybe these are better ; Great gaming card :
They are all alittle above 100 bucks but worth it over the 6670. For 100 bucks ; with double lifetime warrenty ; or

The 550 or a bit less the 6770 are the best choice at $100 but for gaming the 460 is the defenitely the fastest.