Question Is Asus Maximus vii gene Asus Aura sync compatibile?

Jan 16, 2020
so long story short i got free computer parts from a fully functioning Dell xps 8700 dell and found the i7-4790 cpu isnt all that bad for gaming today (if im wrong maybe we can start a new thread or something).

I found an asus maximus vii gene mobo on ebay for cheap. has box, cables, everything. works fine. but i want to get some aftermarket rgb ddr3 ram heatsink covers cuz mine are currently without any heat sink. I saw some with aura sync capability.

My question is this: WIll the Asus Maximus vii gene support Asus aura sync? If so, what header on my motherboard should i look for? If not is there a way to get it to work anyway?

p.s. is it even necessary to have a heat sink on 4x8gb ddr3 1600 oem dell ram?? or would i just be making it pretty?

thanks in advance

EDIT: so i looked on the manual once the mobo came in the mail and it seems like this board has no rgb or argb headers. The only way to hook up rgb to the mobo is through an rgb terminal. the asus aura terminal is a bit over priced and uses molex connectors for power it looks like
so basically to answer myself, kinda bummed nobody even commented but i figured it out i guess, i need to buy more expensive adapters like the terminal or just go without
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