Is Athlon II X4 631 equal to A6-3650?


Apr 5, 2012
Hey! I have been looking at a lot of reviews to find a good price/performance cpu for a new system, and I had the impression that the aforementioned Athlon is basically the A6 without the graphics chip, hence their processing power should be at the same level. However, looking at the numbers on, I saw a great discrepancy. The X4 scores 4352 with 76 samples (similar to an i3-2120), while the A6 scores only 3452 with 99 samples, and the A8 scores no higher. This is too much of a difference to be considered margin of error. I've read some comments telling to use the A6 and A8 benchmarks as a reference to the 631, but now I'm not sure how accurate that is. Can someone enlighten me?
Hello amantes;

You're correct the Athlon II X4 631 CPU is the A6-3650 APU with the GPU locked out.
You see a lot of strange stuff in Passmark benchmark results from time to time. It's likely a weakness in the testing software or process.
You want to use several sources to try and confirm that type of result.
I'm thinking you'll find other sources can't confirm the Passmark/ discrepancy.