[SOLVED] is better many PCIe x1 slots than a few PCIe x16 ???

Jan 22, 2022
Hi , so im doing some research on motherboards and came up with the ASUS B250 especially created for mining , it has 1 PCIe x16 slot and 16 PCIe x1 slots . this reminds me of some cheap mining motherboards you can come across on the web like the btc - b85 or the btc-s37 , both of which have 8 PCIe 16x ( x1 gen 2 speed) slots . Some other boards like the msi z270 sli plus have 1x16 , 1x8 , 1x4 , 3x1 PCIe slots . So the question , is it actually better( for mining would be ) to have too many x1 PCIe slots like the ASUS B25 than a few x16 or x8 PCIe slots like the z270 ??.