Question Is CD keys and G2A a reliable place to purchase games from?

Cant speak for reliability but can say I've ordered a couple games from CD keys. They send you an email after payment and you enter the key, in my case, onto steam. There's a section to enter keys. Then the game downloads. The games I ordered were older, so not sure it'll work with newer games.
Mar 5, 2020
I'm also I games lover especially RPG games. There was a period in my life when I bought the games only in Steam or UPlay. But now I get games from here I am very satisfied because they are at a very excellent price and very qualitative. If you want to play in the expected games you can get them at a discount.
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Buying a CD key from a CD key marketplace is always a risk since the site themselves usually isn't the one selling the keys but an individual seller using the site.

Just like with Amazon. If you buy something on Amazon, it's usually not Amazon you're buying the product from, it's someone else that is using Amazon as a marketplace to sell their product.

I would mostly avoid the site Gamers-Outlet
But use the site Allkeyshop to browse the best prices across CD key sites.
The US version of the allkey site is called cheapdigitaldownload.

Also as mentioned, you can get great deals a lot of times on fanatical, there is also humble bundle. is cool too, but that one is only a single game ever 24 hours.

If looking for free games in general, the epic game store gives away free games every week.
Steam is starting to do it too.

You also get free games with twitch prime if you have Amazon prime and have linked it to a twitch account.