Is commenting randomly broken on Tom's?


New articles sometimes don't have the ability to comment sometimes they do.

Sometimes the comments show (0) at the article but several posts actually exist in forums ?

Articles that would generate a lot of engagement have no ability to take comments. [i5-12400 review]

Is there some sort of weird internet marketing reason I am unaware of ?

Also important reviews sometimes don't even land on the front page but tiny news feed type articles do?


haven't run into this issue at all today or really ever.
all posts i've checked have been working fine.

Do you see the ability to comment on this 12400 review?

For me it displays normally but the comment "lines" appear to be missing.

How about this one - on the Celeron ?

For me I see "Comments (0)" under the sub-title next to the social media "buttons". Click that link it takes me down the page to the comment area but nothing is displayed. But if I follow the link to "Comment in the Forum" I find that there are actually 2 comments on the article in the Forums.

and then on this one Comments seem to be working correctly
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those are not "threads".
those are "articles".
there is a difference.

if you choose "View All Comments (#)" it will lead you to the actual thread where you can post replies.
as in:
which is the thread for your, "" article link.


I have noticed this quite a lot. The stale comment count and list of comments under the article is probably a caching issue. As for whether or not an article will even have a comments section, it doesn't seem to follow any pattern. The same author, in the same section (news, reviews, etc.), even on the same topic, might differ between articles. eg.

Note that both of these articles do have a thread for comments, so both should have a comments section visible.

For what it's worth, the i5-12400 review (posted under News for some reason) also has a comments thread, with plenty of comments as you'd expect. It's just not shown on the article.
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Jun 4, 2008
those are not "threads".
those are "articles".
there is a difference.

Until fairly recently every 'article' had the ability to show comments. most now do not even if there is a comment thread available on the forums.'

That's what we're saying, restore the ability to comment On. The. Article. and not force people to go hunt for the thread on the forums.


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Dec 4, 2019
Looks to be a technical issue, we'll get the tech teams to investigate further. Thank you for your patience, understanding and reporting of the issue.