Question IS COOLER MASTER LIQUID ML360 MIRROR Tr4 Compatible with AMD T/RIPPER 3955WX Cpu on ASUS PRO WS WRX80E Sage mbrd?


Apr 9, 2014
Hi. I've noticed some comments on this LQ cooler , but not with the server mbrd above. According to Asus support it isnt compatible with the sWRX8 cpu, (I have an AMD 3955WX cpu fitted) but the dealer who sold
all of this it to me said it was. Apart from that it has only a 3 pin pin pump header whilst the WS Sage mbrd has a 4 pin header. There is no header on this mbrd which states an explicit pump header, only two 4 pin connectors
marked CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT (page 1-8 of manual) I have plugged the coolers 3 fan splitter cable into CPU_FAN and slotted the 3 pin pump connector onto pins FAN_IN---FAN_PWR---GND which are the last 3
pins on the right, TAB up, as the 3 pin pump connector slots into these positions with the tab locating. OK
Can anyone confirm I have this right as i'me very nervous about destroying this multi k$ install (in a Thermal Core W100 case) . as if it suicides itself I could go with it!
So I have yet to pwr it up

Another query on the PSU: I was sold a CM 1250W PSU (MWE GOLD 1250 V2 Cooler Master) , but it doesn't have enough cabling to supply both this mbrd and my RTX2080Ti triple fan GPU, which required
3 pwr connectors. I was forced to buy from the dealer a 2nd PSU just to get the extra cables as he said extension pwr cables (such as Corsair advertise ) would not do the job as incompatible.

My question on this is: As I may be able to get a 2nd RTX2080Ti triple fan GPU to connect up with SLI, would it be possible to fit BOTH my PSUs in the one case (room OK in the W100 case)_ and use
the 2nd PSU to power up only the two RTX2080Ti GPUs from it? I understand that power enter these GPUs only through the external top pwr connectors and that only common gnds go through the
PCIe connectors, Provided I firmly GND strap the two cases together so no gnd loops do you think that would work as I cant now afford to buy the 8 PCIe connector power supply that the dealer should have
sold me in the first place.
Finally I would not be using the RGB cabling that comes with the cooler and presume that there would be at least some illumination on the pump top to tell me the pump is powered up ?
Thank you for your time


  1. Pretty sure TR4 and TRX4 are the same physical layout. True server boards might opt for U class cooling mounts for low profile stuff and differ a little from the enthusiast class board you are using.
  2. 3-pin and 4-pin headers are compatible with each other, just line up the tabs.
3) You should purchase a power supply that actually supports the motherboard and any GPU solution you want to use. Using multiple power supplies is possible, but not really something you should do if don't know what you are doing. And no, it is not just ground that PCIe cards get from the slot/motherboard. Up to 75W of 12V is possible through the slot. Also 3.3 volt is supplied through there.

I presume you are missing the correct number of EPS connectors and/or you don't then have enough PCIe cables for the GPU?

4) You can use the motherboard RPM reporting for fans to see if the pump is working. Though the surest method is going to be the CPU temperature and performance. Your cooler

What is this thing for and why did you buy it from a dealer?


Apr 9, 2014
Thanks Eskimo Titan for yr useful reply: Yes, I did buy the ASUS WS mbrd and ALL the necessities to go with it, cpu, cooler(s), PSU(s) Fans, etc etc from a dealer. After telling me he could supply all the system parts within 3 weeks it took over 3 months before the main parts arrived to start assembly. (I ordered it in Sept 2021) Turned out this dealer had never seen the WS SAGE mobo before and was supplying parts for a standard T/ripper and Mbrd.......all wrong !!! (Noctua fan couldn't fit ram in, 1200W PSU not enough PCIe cables to power the mbrd or the RTX2080Ti Trio also bought from them etc etc After demonstrating the problems to them (30km x 2 travel ) in which they only resupplied the cooler and sold me another PSU to get the extra cables, they then' stopped supporting the Sage mbrd and T/ripper PRO cpu and took the ads off their site, leaving me high and dry.

PCIe card power. I sorta expected that some power would be through the edge connectors, so thanks for clarifying that for me.
There is a Corsair PSU that does have 8 PCIe pwr outlets other than the standard six, but is very expensive her in Oz, which is why I thought of the 2 x PSU approach
I am a degreed EE, coming up through years as an engineering products tech, and have designed and proto'd a lot of pro instrumentation and Hi kW pwr etc gear over the years, but don't pretend to be any expert on stuff I have no experience of, hence my asking the real experts here.

CPU SOCKET: Stated as sWRX8 , not TR4 or TRX4 I depended on my dealer selling me the right gear as my only experience had been with Intel till now
(I have 5 other PC systems here, 3 of which are i7 7700K s in 2 year old ASUS Z270AR s with 32GB RAM and CM LQ coolers with Nvidia GTX and RTX GPu's)

Enthusiast Class Mbrd. and Use : I bought the Pro WS WRX80E SAGE SE to use as a workstation with 256GB 3200 ram for increasing throughput of my DaVinci Studio video editing/ rendering jobs and other lesser workstations. I didn't know this was still classed as an enthusiast grade mbrd!! A bit expensive for that!! ???
A bottleneck was in backing up using an older ASUS P8-Z77 system with 8 SATA drives (SSD and hard) and 6 USB hard drives. Due the higher number of lanes I could transfer some back up drives to the new W/station as the 6 x NVMes to be used don't compromise SATA ports as much as other mbrds, and thus be able to do most back ups during editing on the one system. The wideband dual Ethernet would be also used to connect with the other DaVinci station for pre standard Ethernet connections were too slow. (using SQL)
Other PCs used other than Vid/edits are for Mech and EE CAD design for my mech and electronics workshops.
A seemingly little known problem with DaVinci Resolve Studio NLE s/ware is that the excellent Fusion s/ware which was a separate program, is now integrated with DVR, but only uses a single thread, whereas the rest is multi threaded. So the choice of a PRO 3955 cpu is a compromise between efficiency between the two, When tests have been made its
likely that an upmarket higher cpu clock speed TRPRO and RAM could be fitted to the SAGE if needed to improve speed using Fusion.
I hope that's the detail you wanted and thank you again ET