Question Is Corsair 450w PSU okay for a 1080 Ti ?

Jun 26, 2022
Hello, I Have this specs:
GTX 1060 3GB
Ryzen 7 2700
2x 16gb ram 3200mhz
A320m-K motherboard
Corsair VS450
Sata SSD
I was wondering since i found a insane deal on 1080ti if i would be able to run the GTX 1080ti on 450W psu i know its not enough i just want to start the PC and Watch Youtube and maybe some light gaming like old games or something until i can upgrade the PSU? Or maybe downclocking the card would help? Thank You.
Sell your gtx 1060. I actually just sold a gtx 1060 3gb on eBay. I started bidding around 50 bucks and I think I got 88 dollars for it, so after their fees etc I ended up with $67 bucks. If you could get that amount and put another 20 bucks with it that would probably get you a decent power supply. You could probably use a payment option like affirm or Klarna for buy now and pay later to get a psu, and when you get funds from selling got card pay it off. You just don’t want to damage that card. A 1080 ti isn’t top dog now but is still potent.
Not sure which part you were referring to if talking about running a 1080ti on a 450 watt psu, I do agree that a 1080ti on 450 watts is not ideal by any stretch. As I reread I see the op has a Corsair vs450 psu. If memory serves those vs series aren’t good to begin with. So if you get the 1080ti, you probably should not install it until you replace the power supply.