Question Is Crossplay Causing Bad Performance? Obscure Rocket League Issue

Mar 7, 2022
So the issue I am having is that when playing cross-play with my friend on Xbox (I'm on PC) my game stutters like crazy. I have pictures of the chart and the frame time goes from 2ms to 60ms constantly. Also, they are constantly leaving the team chat for me idk if it's related to this issue.

Playing normally my game runs perfectly fine partied with other PC players and cross play enabled. My frame times are always around 3ms with the only stutters when loading. To make things even weirder is that I was playing duos with my Xbox friend with bad performance, then we invite my PC friend into the party and my game goes back to normal.

More info- No difference between steam rocket or epic rocket.

Tried capping the frame rate and makes game worse, so I keep it uncapped for best performance weird I know.

There is no bottleneck on my PC Fullscreen or borderless no difference

My current thought- I believe the issue I am having may be some obscure issue relating to windows. My friend had massive stuttering for elden ring and it turned out he needed a fresh install of windows. Might be a similar issue.

Chart when playing with xbox friend
Normal Chart
My PC Ryzen 5 3600x Amd RX 6700 xt