Is ddr3 video card compatible with asus p5b-mx?


Jan 19, 2012
i have a pc with p5b mobo,cpu q6600 2.4ghz,psu 450w.3gb ddr2 ram..
my 8600gt doesn't work any more so i want to buy a used video card..

i am thinking about
gts 250 or gtx 260 and better indipence from the price..

i know that maybe i have to buy a better psu
but dont know how many watts would be enough..

i also know that i have pci express 16x 1.1 not 2.0..

is my cpu or mobo good enough for those cards?

thanks in advance..

ps.sorry for my bad english... :(


All newer PCIe cards are backward compatible with older PCIe slotted motherboards (with a few rare exceptions... but not to worry).
If your 450W PSU has 2 6-pin PCIe power cables and is of decent quality, it should be sufficient for even the GTX 260. (See below)
The processor and RAM are no issue.
Here is a PSU calculator if you want to plug in your system's values.
... but I think you will be fine.

Also, here is a graphics card hierarchy chart for comparisons of cards.,3107-7.html