Question Is Deepin OS Spareware? /Reborn OS no *Reborn os Fire * in my version?

May 23, 2021
Is Depin os spyware?
bearing in mind it is Chinese
Reborn os I have tried to install it with different desktops none of them had Reborn os Fireincluded This guy's videos are good. Without that, it is not complete. Go to 17 minutes in on the video. Another thing is why when you put auto-login it never works, and you have to log in? What are your views on Deepin os?
I have just tried to install Steam and it says*You are missing 32-bit libraries and Steam may not run?l Steam won't run on Deepin os I will delete it and put another os on there.
And this error communicating to the TPM chip I have had that before with Linux
I was unaware an older PC had a TPM chip with all the stuff about Windows11 TPM

only working with PC,s 3 years and younger.I see my HPZ230 has TPM version on my machine is 1.5
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