Theres been some questions as to whether DX11 will have an early impact on PC gaming.
Things that control this scenario, and have been argued here are, games and xp/DX9.
OK, I understand this, and thought Id add a few things Im seeing.
Currently, ATIs Richard Huddy has said that ATI is working on 20 DX11 titles.
As far as the DX9 path goes, the latest numbers from steam showing it losing percentages monthly, and this is before the release of W7, where we find this:,8992.html

Add to this the previous announcements of huge early adopters buying out W7 in various parts of the planet, it seems apparent, that this is not DX10/Vista/Ho Hum, and things like TS and W7s MT are bringing an ealier demise of DX9 and forthcoming of DX11 in the PC gaming arena.
Your thoughts?
The steam hardware survey basically blows the XP theory out of the water. Considering steam games are generally perfectly playable on older hardware, the fact that better than 40% are running vista and a DX10 GPU and 69% have a DX10 capable of GPU, once windows 7 starts replacing XP we should have more rapid adoption of DX11 since its not a massive paradigm shift like DX10 was, hopefully ATI will release some cheap 56xx DX11 capable GPUs that will alow the mainstream user on a tight budget to move up, the 5xxx series isnt super expensive so i expect that will also help encourage adoption of DX11.


I noticed early on that DX11 was gaining much more traction from developers than DX10 did. Then as Win 7 betas were opened to the public, it was immediately accepted by enthusiasts on a scale Vista never saw.

DX11 has had a lot in its favor than DX10 did.

DX9 enjoyed such a long period of market time that it became an major detriment to the acceptance of future DX transitions. Previous to DX9, no DX iteration was on the market for more than 2 years. DX9 was left on the market for 4 years. That kind of build up generates a natural reluctance to move on without something incredibly compelling and DX10 simply didn't have that. DX11 barely does itself but it's been hyped and marketed much better than DX10 and doesn't have the stigma of Vista over its head either.