Is faster ram speed really worth it for ryzen?

Jul 8, 2018
System: Ryzen1600@3.8GHz, 2tb, rx580 8gb, asrock ab350 mAtx.

I plan to go for 2400mhz dual channel 8gb ram for £74. 2666mhz is £85 and 3200 is £99. They only make amoney 5fps difference in games and I assume it performs minimally better outside gaming so is it worth it? I am on an extreme budget so getting a 2400mhz will allow me to get aan better chair.
Worth is highly subjective.

The problem with max FPS. It is usually CPU paired with a GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti playing at 1920x1080 in benchmarks. As it removes the GPU as a hindrance in performance. As you are using an RX 580. Your GPU becomes a bigger stumbling block on peak performance. If all you can achieve is let's say 75FPS with that GPU in a game at your preferred settings. Yet your CPU (Ryzen 1600) is capable of outputting 100FPS you'll only hit 75FPS. It won't matter how fast the CPU is. Even if you put in a CPU capable of 200FPS. You'd still be stuck at 75FPS. Because that is all the GPU is capable of rendering.

If you are playing games at max settings at 1920x1080. I doubt you'll max out your CPU in most games before the RX 580 gets maxed out. Perhaps a handful of extremely CPU intensive titles like Ashes of Singularity will take a hit. But those are few and far between. Other games that are light weight on graphics and CPU. May also hit limits but that'd be in crazy high FPS that don't matter to most.

On the other hand. If you aren't physically comfortable because of your chair. Does it really matter how high your FPS is?

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Memory speed is tied specifically to the Infinity Fabric within the processor and significantly affects its speed. While you may be looking it as £24 now, it will make a difference in performance over time especially say 2 or 3 years down the line. I would not go any less than 2666, but if you can get 3000 that is best.

Yeah good luck with that. They don't print those numbers on the package of the memory for their health, if it could run stable over 2400 mhz it would be sold as so. People have had 0 luck OCing memory from its ratings on Ryzen except at the top end of the range.