Mar 31, 2022
I am planning to buy a budget IPS monitor. I read some old posts on Reddit and various sites where users were discussing that an FRC based 8 bit panel like 6 bit + FRC may cause eye strain.

And they say native/true 8 bit panel would be better than 6 bit + FRC = 8 bit panel. (In terms of eye strain).

Is there any truth in it? I can't find any true 8 bit panel in my budget. Also manufacturers don't mention specifically whether it is true 8 bit or FRC. Super confused. Maybe overthinking.
There might be some truth to it, but I've seen people complain about eye strain or headaches with a multitude of other things.

I think biggest issue is simply the environmental lighting source and how sensitive you are to flickering. If you're using pulse-based lighting such as a fluorescent type light (like a CCFL) or an older style LED light, then you might experience eye strain when the content on screen doesn't quite line up with the flickering rate.

For me I notice I get headaches after watching a movie in a theater, but I have no problems watching a movie at home. So it isn't the frame rate (like I've heard some people claim it is), but because theater projectors still use PWM based lighting.