Is Gigabyte GV N430-2GI GF GT 430 a good replacement of Geforce 8600GT



I have purchashed Gigabyte GV N430-2GI 2GB Graphics card - GF GT 430 ( For more info ) as a replacement of my current Graphics Card ( GeForce 8600 GT 512 MB ) hoping to get a more stable gameplay. Since it hasn't arrived yet I was wondering if it would be a great replace on my gameplay experience ( No laggs etc). Pretty much I want to play Planetside 2 which laggs a lot on the lowest graphics settings


Nov 12, 2010
For future reference, asking for advice after you've already made the decision and spent the money isn't very useful. What would you do if we came back and said the card wouldn't even work in your system?

That said, the GT 430 will be a solid upgrade, but not a huge one. I wouldn't expect to quadruple your framerate, or anything like that. You basically just replaced a 5 generation old mid range card with a 3 generation old bottom of the line card.