Is GTS 250 compatible with DG 33 FB


Jan 15, 2009

I have a Intel DG 33FB Motherboard.

I am planning to buy a XFX GTS 250 1 gb.. So i was thinking is this graphic easily installable on my motherboard.

Because i was checking the dimensions of this card and i fear that the room for Graphics card isnt that much.

Card Dimensions Length 9 inch Width 4.4 inch Thickness 1.5 inch

Need help..

Anyone using this motherboard please suggest

Thank you
The motherboard is 9.60 in. wide. So it would fit.
Also measure inside the case for clearances.
You will need to connect 1 6-pin power connector.
The card is double width, so you need two spaces, better three for air circulation.
It is a full size card, so you need a regular case.