Question Is GTX 1060 3gb compatible with Nforce 680i lt sli motherboard.


Nov 13, 2012
Well I gave up on using one of my core i3 PC's as a test machine as the GTX 1060 was not working in it nor was it compatible.

I have another even older PC, the only other I have access to right now with enough space for a longer GPU. I was running a GT 1030 ddr4, (I know, I know), for a while no issues. I then went to test a GTX 980Ti and one of the chips fried, (most likely a VR chip). I have seen others with this issue in the past. Anyway, the motherboard seems unaffected, and was still able to post if I recall. I want to use this PC as the test one now, but cannot find conclusive answers that the GTX 1060 is compatible with the nforce 680i lt sli. I realize that the core 2 CPU in this beast will bottleneck the 1060, but again just for test purposes.


Seasonic ultra prime 650W titanium PSU. Just purchased used, and passed PSU tester, but not under any load so....

8 gb ddr2 ram (I think it was ddr2 8gb, could be wrong).

Single DVD

Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce 3gb GPU.

Thanks for any help.