Is having multiple displays worth it?


Feb 28, 2009
I never really considered multiple displays as for me until recently. I saw a machine that had dual monitors. It was freaking sweet. Then I got to thinking...what about that for gaming! How is gaming with dual screens?

Then that led to another thought. Gaming with 3 screens would be pretty bad A** IMO. But then I read somewhere that it would really stretch the image and obviously that is not good. So maybe gaming on 3 screens would suk?

So how is gaming with multiple monitors(both 2 and 3)? If its any good, is it worth all the effort and extra parts I would have to get?


Jan 27, 2009
From a productivity standpoint, I believe you go up on average 60% just by adding a second monitor (heard the value somewhere, too lazy to look up a reference).

From a gaming standpoint, it depends on the game I guess. An FPS game with just two monitors would have your targeting reticule and main area for aiming split in half between two monitors. For other games, such as SupCom, you're able to have two views of whatever you want -- one can be used as just a map, or you can zoom in on that monitor to another portion of the battle while your main monitor keeps track of your base. Give it a shot, see what works for you.

Obviously you'll need the graphics horsepower to run both of them simultaneously.


May 31, 2009
It can be useful for MMOs, RPGs, or games like Supreme Commander where you can have a seperate full map instead of a mini-map that's impossible to see.

3 Monitors for gaming just seems like overkill.