Question Is HP support assistant necessary ? It seems to really take up many resources.

Not a lot of people knows what drivers to install on a HP system that's why that piece of software is normally on all the HP you will buy.

It's not necessary but before uninstalling you make sure you know what to update in the future because that software will be gone.
That's what I meant sorry. I meant that it's not always easy to find which drivers to install on a HP system. That's why I said that if you don't want to use that software you better know where to get the drivers and which one. That software on my mom's laptop was giving her an update or two every 2 days. It's crazy.

I recommend you keep using it if you don't want to install those updates yourself manually in the future. Don't use it if you know what you're doing.


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i would run it now, make sure you have all the drivers you want, and then take it off.

If you run into any problems, just download it again, run it for updates and remove after if it fixes problems.

You don't need driver updates that often really. I only update drivers if the PC is brand new and might have improvements over the next few months, or if I have a problem. rest of the time it can just create a problem.
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