Is I58400 Bottlenecking?

Apr 16, 2018
Ok so, I'm new to PC building and I've recently built my first one ever.

Everything is fine except some weird benchmark results. For some reason, my I5 8400 is always at 100 % in intensive games like, for example, AC Origins (High, Very high presets; 1080p or 900p), which causes a lot of fps spikes that are really uncomfortable.
The temps never go higher than 63 ºC, which I don't know if it's suppose to be normal, since I'm using stock cooler.
I have downloaded all the drivers, and I've set the computer and cpu to maximum perfomance.

My PC is:
CPU : I5 8400 (Stock Cooler)
GPU: EVGA SC 1060 6 Gb
Ram: Crucial Ballistix 8 Gb 3200 Mhz
PSU: Seasonic S12ii 620W
Storage: HDD WD Blue 1 TB 7200Rpm
MOBO: Z370 PC-Pro
5 120mm Fans, usually at maximum speed.

I really appreciate any help.


8 GB of RAM is not as adequate as it once was (especially if it were a single stick of RAM, running in single channel, cutting mem bandwidth in half), and, depending on what other applications might be running in the background, 8 GB could sometimes be inadequate....

I'd expect to see temps higher than that in heavy gaming, so I'd look for any power or temperature limiting features to be disabled/set to performance in the BIOS, and, enable both XMP and MCE...; also, make sure WIndows power management is at least set to Balanced. (I've never seen the need for 'high Performance' as my cpu jumps to all core max turbo in heavy loads perfectly under WIndows' Balanced power settings...)

CHekcing HWMonitor, and running AIda64 Extreme, does at least one core scale to max turbo and maintain it usually? During a Defender scan, I'd expect to see clocks varying from 2 - 3.8 GHz, with a single core sometimes hitting max turbo...
Apr 16, 2018
So, I am aware that 8 Gb isn't really enough for 1080p in 2018. However would it have that much of impact? Causing the CPU to run at 100 %?
I've manage to increase the temps. For some reason the fans were spinning at half the speed. Increasing it to 100 %, for some reason, solved the temps problem, and I'm not facing thermal throttle anymore I think.

I can't set MCE since the cpu is locked and i had xmp feature on. Using MSIAfterburner, all cores were showing a 3800 MHz clock speed.

I've, however, think i found the problem. My gpu is being used from 70 to 85 %, very rarely showing more usage than that. I've set the gpu to max perfomance in nvidia control panel, and it didn't solve anything.

Apr 24, 2018
Hello. What do you mean with this ?

I've manage to increase the temps. For some reason the fans were spinning at half the speed. Increasing it to 100 %, for some reason, solved the temps problem

You wanted more temperature ???
How the temperatures were before and how they are now when you changed fan speed? Also where did you change their speeds? Thanks.


Apr 12, 2017
Yes, 8400 is a bottleneck. 8400 is simply too weak cpu for some modern games. Many benchmarkers praised 8400 over old 1600 but ryzen proves to be better in those games because of having more threads. Yes, u get slightly less fps overall, but u avoid nasty stuttering and chokes.


Nov 4, 2012
Look up how to disable HPET on your cpu I might save you. Sometimes it is enabled when you use you and could desktop over clocking tools as fan tools.