Question Is it a bad idea to make a raid 0 array with an older SSD and a newer one?

Jan 21, 2020
I have this macbook pro late 2012 core i7 that i've slowly upgraded over the years, including replacing the hard drive with a Samsung 850 evo probably about 5 years ago. The laptop has been sitting unused for about the last year or so but i've recently started using it again and am looking to breathe some new life into it. I was thinking of replacing the dvd drive with another samsung 850 evo in raid 0. I don't really care about stability or losing data that much as this is my secondary laptop and I don't do anything important on it. Would this still lead to an appreciable gain in read/write speeds or will the fact that one drive is older be a issue?
If you really need that.

- In the real world, for normal usage, you will not notice any difference. Safari won't open quicker, and even heavy apps (Photoshop, Xcode, etc) will have a negligible speed increase compared to a single SSD.

- Boot time will be slightly slower, since the raid array needs to initialise. Once the raid array is initialised, the spinner doesn't go 1/4 of the way round though ;).

You'll have profit when you do anything which requires multiple simultaneous reads/writes to the drive.