Question Is it a good idea to use server/enterprise HDD for desktop PC?

Aug 15, 2019
Hey guys, I'm looking to add a HDD to my PC. OS is installed in a SSD, so I will primarily be using this HDD for storage and to install some games. Is it a good idea to use enterprise/server HDD for personal pc? Does it make much more noise as compared to a regular internal HDD? Is it even compatible?

Here's a look at what I'm interested in buying. A HGST HDD. An old HDD, probably already discontinued.. Considerations for buying this is because its got a great reputation for reliability

Manufacturer: Hitachi
Model: HUA722020ALA330
Part Number: 0F10632
Type: DK7SAA200
Other Part Numbers: 11S44E9191Y 44E9191Y
Interface: SATA 3.0GB/s (SATA2)
Capacity: 2TB / 2-Terabyte / 2000GB
Spin Speed (RPM): 7200RPM
Cache: 32MB
Form Factor: 3.5"
Packaging: OEM Recertified / System Pulls

It's got a casing that definitely wont fit in the pc chassis HDD slot, but is it possible to disassemble them? And the adapters for power and SATA are the same right? Thank you guys, any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Good day