Question Is it a smart idea to buy 3 extra fans to put on the other side of my 360mm AIO liquid/water cooler radiator to get lower CPU temperatures?


Mar 17, 2016
Hello all,

Most 360mm AIOs liquid/water coolers from popular brands come with only 3 fans. I am wondering will I get even lower temperatures on my CPU if I buy 3 more fans for my 360mm AIO and put them on the opposite side of the radiator. So my radiator would have 3 fans on each side for a total of 6 fans. 3 fans pushing and 3 fans pulling air flow..(Sort of like an Air Cooler)
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That;s what we call push-pull configuration. It may drop your highs 2-3 C, don't expect miracles. You should also consider the noise levels and the way to control 3 extra fans (fan controller, hub etc).
For what you gain temperature wise, Push/Pull on a 3fan AIO is not not worth it IMO. What you may have is an unacceptable noise when under load . Best is to have efficient extraction and inlet fans to get rid of the Heat inside your case especially with a none reference GPU. Keep the AIO top mounted and pulling ambient air from the outside. (inside your case is never below ambient).
Also lower CPU temps (3-4C) can be gained using a decent TIM applied properly.
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