Is it acceptable to use one disk to play simultaneously with...

I am impressed how many people give their opinion on controversial things like these not beeing fully informed. That dosent mean i am fully informed, just means i rather give an opinion than a full statement of waht i belive to be facts.

I think, to a point, this has all became to stink when everyone started acusing others of beeing imoral and thives.
There was in the 90s free music for everyone (you only had to have a friend with a dual cassete player to record from one to another), and people still bought music, and everyone still made money.
At some point, greed took over everyone, and there is too much music out there, too expensive, that more people buy than before, yet the artists get less money.

there is so much burocracy (like...
So what's stopping you from giving the ripped music to 10 friends. What stops your brothers from giving the ripped music to 10 friends each? What about those 30 friends (assuming you have two brothers) what's stopping them from giving 10 more friends each? At that point you would have bought 1 CD and not too long later 333 people (including yourself) now have digital copies of the music. Is that fair to the musicians?

Same can be said about pirating games. Where does it end? When does it end? When there are no more game developers because they are not getting paid any money from all the pirating that's going on?
if it connects to a server and validates the key then you wont be able to play via lan. some games will also have a routine that will stop you playing a game via lan if both have the same key.
as for it being legal. going by the eula then no. but by e.u law yes. reason being is you own the game under e.u law but your hiring the game going by the eula.


Oct 18, 2012
Think of it like when you buy 1 copy of a game you can use it on 1 computer at a time.You can have 2 computers and have the game installed on both but by law you can't use no-cd crack because the no-cd crack is interfering with the software and both the maker and uses are in violation of law.
The music cds/dvd you can rip to mp3/mp4 but you have to own the original copy and you cannot give the files to anyone less even for free.You rip music to a usb pen drive and listen to music on your car but if the police pulls you over they might take away you usb pen and give you 24-48h to show up on the police station with the original disks or you get a ticket or even jail.They will take note of the serial number on the CD/Dvds and if you get caught again with the same music they already know it is your because it stays on record.
Now if you give them to your brother and he gets caught after you,when he would go to the police with the cd/dvd they would know that that specific cd belongs to another person a.k.a. already registered.Now 1 of 2 things can happen a) your brother pays the ticket b) they find out that he is your brother and both of you are dead meat.


Jun 5, 2012
i totally believe that what laws are in place are right. how would you feel if you worked really hard on something and expected to sell lets say 1 million copies at least to break even with production costs but you only returned 750,000 sales and this put you in the hole and puts your company into bankruptcy all because that 25% could pay for the product but decided they wanted to pirate it instead.

now i have shared games between me and my siblings before, as well as music, im no saint when it comes to this, but if i get caught doing it then i will take it. mind you i never hear of this actually come down to it and it being severe anyway on such a small scale of sharing copyright material.

as for the unlimited price you spoke about, I don't believe that will work, unless it is household licensing only, which would keep within the guidlines of the EULA or the license if you dont give the license or copyright metrial to anyone who you do not live with. But the reason companies dont do this is because they know the average consumer if they own 2, 3 or more consoles and TV's in a home with more children who play these consoles (using gaming as example), they will end up buying each child a game if they all want to play together or keep them from fighting over one disc.

in the end i believe any developer has the right to what they will allow their buyers to do with it to an extent

Like the in-justice you are inflicting on the developers / musicians who put in a lot of time and effort into producing something that is supposed to make them money? How would you like it if you made some developed a game or wrote a song and while you have have sold 2,000 copies, there are 10,000 copies floating out there on the web or someone's PC?
the rules on sharing may seem rediculous but they are the rules... like em or not.
if you buy 1 copy you own 1 copy. you were allowed to make 1 backup copy for your personal use but even now i think that law has been changed. instead your supposed to contact the manufacturer and they will for a nominal fee (ie the cost of a cd with post and packing) send you a replacement if the original is damaged.
as far as i know the copyright law says you cannot copy any digital media to another device if its not for personal use unless you have written permission from the copyright holder... ie you cant make a copy and let your brother use it even in the same house on the same console/pc.
the cd key is yours and yours alone... like i say you may find them odd and none sensical but they arte the laws of the land...

while i agree with your sentiments they are just that. like i say you may not like the law but that is the law... its up to you whether you abide by it.
Keep in mind, the laws are what they are because of people abusing the hell out of them.

It used to be that bands would tour to promote their CD as a way to make money. Now it seems to be the opposite. They make almost no money on music sold, and they make a living doing live concerts. Ever wonder why talent has taken a nose dive in the industry? Pirating played a huge part. You have to put on a good live show to make it now.
As everyone has tried to explain -- when you buy the content you purchase the right to use 1 copy of that content at any given time -- so yes you can install it or copy it to several different places as long as you only use 1 copy of the content at any given time !! If you want to use multiple copies at the same time you need to buy either multiple single use copies in the amount of the maximum number that will be in use at any given time or purchase a multiple user license that allows that number of concurrent users.

This is the case with everything you mention including Music -- IF you as you say give a copy to your brother to use and he plays it at the same time you are playing the copy you purchased you are illegally using the purchase and are pirating the material (if he only uses the copy during times you are not using it then it would be legal as it is only in use by one person and you purchased the one license to use it !) That is how it works and always has been so no amount of trying to convince others that what you are doing is right is not going to make it so !!

And this shows your willingness still to Pirate or illegally use digital content and is just as bad as you did in the past with torrenting things that you never bought -- and is just as "morally corrupt" as those that continue to Pirate material, so just shows you have not changed your opinion on things as much as you are trying to convince everyone that you have. So by starting this thread you are merely trying to get others to concur, so that you can somehow feel less immoral about the decision you have made and somehow justify your actions -- and in my opinion this type of person is even worse than those that openly pirate things and at least do not try to convince others that what they are willing to do is wrong and are willing to accept it for what it is !

The line is simple -- you know what the manufacturer\distributor of the content gave you permission to do when you obtained the license and you either follow it or you don't -- there is no gray area where breaking the agreement for one reason is more acceptable than breaking it for some other reason and there is no amount of approval of others on the reason you decide to break the agreement that makes it any more or less justifiable.