Question Is it best to upgrade my RAM or SSD memory or both?


Nov 30, 2018
Hi! I have an Acer Aspire A515-52-58ZW Intel i5 Core with 128 GB SSD.
I've been running into problems every time I use Photoshop, saying that the scratch disks are full. I always have a word processor and browser open, while either using VS Code or Lightroom/Photoshop. I generally have 30GB free space free, which completely disappears when I use Photoshop. While I am not using Node.JS now, and deleted it, I will need this is the future.
I've decided to upgrade, but am unsure if just moving from 8GB RAM to 16, or 32 budget remaining, would be enough to see an improvement. Should I also look into adding more SSD memory?
Try this first:

Though that SSD is pretty small, I'd normally recommend 250GB or more, if you save a lot to the cloud, 250GB is enough but if you plan to save a lot of big files 500GB would be recommended for an SSD upgrade. As for RAM, that's also important to upgrade and you might see improvements depending on the type of RAM you get. Going to 16GB is a little overkill for a basic laptop for basic workstation use, 8GB is enough but you may want to get a RAM kit with faster memory clocks if possible. Faster clocks will give you slightly faster response in photoshop. But the RAM shouldn't be a priority upgrade as the SSD should.
The obvious answer is to upgrade both.
It seems that you have the budget to do so.

Photoshop likes lots of ram.
Browsers like Chrome are ram hogs. 8gb is really not enough for windows.

Ditto on the ssd.
As a ssd gets filled up it will lose performance and endurance.

It is not clear to me if your particular model has a space for a 2.5" ssd or if it only has a spot for a m.2 ssd.
If there is a place to install a 2.5" SSD, the conversion is easy.
But, if your only storage is a single m.2 ssd, then it becomes more difficult.
Specs I can find indicate only a m.2
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