Question Is it better to have 1 stick of the same size ECC ram or have multiple sticks of the same ECC size ram?

Nov 11, 2020
I want to add 2 more sticks of 8GB DDR 1600 ram, for a total of 32 GB (I already have 2 x 8gb sticks DDR3 ram)

But I was wondering if it is better to just buy 1 stick of 32 gb ram; also DDR and 1600...

Can I have insight about which would be better; 4 sticks of 8gb ECC 1600 DDR ram or 1 stick of it? thanks
If you have ecc rdimms, mix and match all you want, and you can get a single 32gb module or even 64gb if you can use lrdimms.

If you have ecc udimms, then get more 8gb ecc udimm modules because that's as big as they were ever made. And they're rare so more than likely they'll all be the same and work together. If not, you'll have to go the extra mile to find a complete set of 8gb x4 = 32gb ecc udimm modules. Expect to pay for this too.