is it ever gonna happen?


Sep 9, 2004
Does anyone have a clue if the pci express boards for amd are really gonna come out soon?? when?? should i just give up and get intel?? are these improvements intel is making gonna beat out amd ?? help, i research a lot but there is too much conflict between what i find to make any sense...thanks =(
Do you really want a "rushed to market" board for your next system? Msi does that alot, and I've seen the results, along with some other folks. For pci-e, January is a conservative estimate.


Aug 30, 2004
Just get AGP. Its the most mature type and the fact is AGP is so widely used that it will be a looooooong time before its phased out by pci-express, if ever at that.

Get a good agp card like the 6800gt or ultra, or the Ati equivalent, and youll have all you need.


Jul 31, 2004
i forgot where but there was an ALI benchmark showing that its not as fast as nvidia says. would you really want 1000 bucks on 2 vid cards or rather wait until you can get 1 that out performs them,


Oct 8, 2004
I can't find any PCI-e cards for sale right now anyway. Well, except for X700 (non XT type) and Geforce 6600 (Non GT type). I don't want those, and everything that's actually good is freaking sold out. Bleh =( There's a few places that carry the AGP versions of the higher-end cards though, lots of 6800 GT's, no Ultras, and a few X800xt's.


May 1, 2003
If "down the road" hasn't arrived, and you don't see it from where you are now I wouldn't concern yourself with it.

Yes, AMD motherboards will have PCI-Express.


I have been waiting for a long time! There was a press release early this year, that suggested June may be the time frame for them! (Coincidentally, about the same time that Wi-Fi-i was supposed to arrive!) I, as are you, am still waiting.

It seems the general momentum is building up for real offerings to have good availability for the first quarter of next year.

I am waiting in the same boat you are in, as patiently as I can.

Additionally, I think that at this point it would be bad choice for you to go with Intel because the AMD dual core chips are prepping too! Depending on what those look like, once actually available, that may end up being a real good direction to be able to head off in. (Pin compatible, and chip replaceable with the current Opteron 940 pin! Maybe other configurations as well.)

Again, if you can't foresee the time down the road when you want to use SLI and don't need a boost wait and hope for the best...

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Feb 10, 2003
I'd wait for nForce4 to debut. It will feature full support for PCIe.

However, I'd also give it some time for the platforms to reach some development. Motherboards based on nForce4 should come out still this year, if I'm not mistaken.

And even so, I'd comfortably wait for 2005 for my next purchase. My next purchase will probably be nForce4-based, but it will only be like in 9 months. Which might add the possibility that Intel has a competitive product...

Also, about SLI, its price tag will probably downplay its importance, and I don't see any major use for the average consumer for such high performance... Unless software companies start making "SLI-level" graphics settings to go with games like Quake 4...

One very small question, though: someone here said SLI didn't live up to the hype... Why shouldn't it? Rendering graphics is an inherently parallelizable task... unless it's poorly executed, SLI should carry great performance, that's a given... Anything else has to be a rumor. Why else would alienware too be interested in a similar solution?

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PCI-Express boards for Athlon64 are already in production, they just haven't hit the streets yet. ATI has been shipping a new chipset, with an ALI southbridge, supporting PCI-Express, for a while now.

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