is it Faulty motherbaord?

Oct 24, 2018
Can someone help me about the issue of my COmputer.
I have High CPU usage and high GPu Usage even on Idle, I already reformat My system, but my problem is still happening, this was not happened before,
I have 30% CPU usage on browsing, 60-90% on playing MuOnline
and my gpu usage is 30-100%, is it Motherboard Issue, anyway my motherboard is 4 years old
I already set my PC to Maximum performance on control panel but the problem still there
I just want to know what im going to replace, so I need advice from anyone who already experienced this kind of problem. sorry for my bad Grammar . Thank you in advance!!
My specs is
i5 4670
gtx 970
gigabyte h81m-ds2(rev3.0)
500 watts deepcool
4x2 gb ram

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