Question Is it fried?

Dec 11, 2020
My pc just shut off out of nowhere last night and won't turn back on. Today I have disconnected everything from it and only left the psu and mb connected, my (vanity lights?) And start button light all come on but when I press start it just doesn't boot up, no post, status codes, nothing.

I read up quite a bit and found similar issues with people having similar issues, but no one ever said how it was resolved. I have attempted to flashback my bios but it is failing (blinks for 5 seconds then stays solid forever) I used a sandisk 16gb flash drive with my renamed cap file on the root of the drive formatted to FAT32 (just as the instructions say to) yet it will not update the bios. I also disconnected all power from the mb and jumped pin 4 and 5 to test the PSU the fan spins and shuts off repeatedly, and I do not know if that is normal behavior. (Will be uploading video as soon as I post this, along with photos of the lights that are on, thought I'd be able to upload them here) I have an Asus maximus vi hero MB and an EVGA nex750b PSU