Is it going? and if yes, what should I replace it with?


Jan 1, 2012
I'm only on my first custom system so I want to be sure I'm reading these signs correctly.

My computer was having registry problems on startup. Thinking it was a software error I deleted all hard drive data and reinstalled windows (did a full backup and image so no worries on data).

After this I am still seeing these symptoms


1. Computer will sometimes fail to start. I've gotten registry errors and a windows has failed to start screen. However when I try again after selecting start windows normally things work fine.
2. I will walk away from the computer for an hour or two and when I come back it is shutdown. Hasn't turned itself off while I've been on it yet though.
3. I used HDTune to benchmark my HDD and got this
4. Whenever I try to scan the hard drive for bad sectors using either CHKDSK or HDTune the computer will immediately turn off.
5. Computer will sometimes have to reinstall usb drivers when it starts for devices that are always plugged in (wireless mouse and keyboard and usb wirless network adapter)

I think these mean that my hard drive is failing but I just wanted someone else to confirm this conclusion.

If it is failing what should I replace it with?

I'm currently running a Samsung f3 1tb spinpoint 32mb cache 7200 rpm. I only ever used about 120 gb so I was thinking of getting this

a 500 Gb Seagate Barracuda

I have an i7 930 on a gigabyte x58a-ud3r board.
I would try pluging the HDD into a different sata port first , what port do you currently have it pluged into a sata2 port or sata3 port. I would try the sata2 port which is controlled by the Intel chip and the sata3 port is controlled by the Marvell chip so I would not use that one. Have you updated the motherboard bios?