Question Is it hard to type accurately with red switch mech KBs?

It's getting to where I need to replace my old Logi K120 membrane keyboard. Besides having wanted a mechanical for some time, the space bar is starting to stick on the one I have now. For the record it's not dirt, it's that the left plastic clip that holds the stabilizer bar in place broke on one side. I managed to jam a small piece of hard rubber in to keep the bar from popping out of the clip, but the key sticks infrequently.

Last year when I was researching the mechanicals, I'd kind of narrowed down switch type to red, since I was wanting a quieter one, with smooth feel. After reading a YouTube shootout review on various mechanicals though, where the reviewer said brown switches are better for typing, I started looking at brown switch boards. He said you have to be very precise with your typing to use reds, which I'm not.

So my main question for those of you whom use red switch keyboards (particularly Cherry MX), is are they harder to type precisely with unless you are very careful? I've been looking at a lot of boards, and was considering some I've seen in the $37-$43 range that use Outemo brown switches, but people say they are stiffer to push, and wobbly, plus the boards are so small they might not fit my hands.

I'm not hearing great things about Kailh either, and in brown in the US there aren't many other choices except Gateron, which are harder to find and little info/reviews on. Last year I'd kinda narrowed it down to the Corsair K68, with Cherry MX Reds. It also has a membrane protecting the switches from dust and spills, which I like. People also tend to say Corsair KBs are durable, and I've had good CS from them.