Dec 22, 2016
So for the past 2 days, my mouse has been disconnecting and reconnecting (sometimes causing most of my USB ports to go out) at first I thought it was a hardware problem so I tried updating my chipset drivers, updating BIOS, uninstalling, and reinstalling universal serial bus controllers, reinstalling graphics drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the mouse drivers, and even uninstalling and reinstalling the Logitech gaming software and none of it worked so I'm starting to wonder if its the mouse itself because this problem only happens when I'm actually using the mouse, yesterday I played VR for a good 2 hours without the issue happening it seems to only happen when I rapidly move my mouse (which is obviously important while gaming) so do you guys think its the mouse? or is it my hardware? could a mouse alone cause USB troubles? I should also mention at one point while gaming yesterday my whole pc froze for a couple of seconds and all my USB ports that were being used went out