Sep 2, 2007
Is it my imagination or does Intel systems I read here have a 3:1 lead in memory problems and questions over AMD? Is it just 3x more difficult to understand?


I don't think its your imagination. The situation reflects a couple different things, though.

First, AMD has kept the same basic type memory for a long time, the main change being from DDR 400 to DDR2 800 (PC 3200 to PC 6400). As a result, a person with an AMD machine only has a very few things to consider; mainly the timings, overclockability, and price.

Second, Intel has had several changes in the types and speed of memory, with a variety of FSB speed to consider when selecting the correct memory. As a result, there are a lot more questions about which memory is best for which machine, and which memory is best for overclocking. These questions generally don't involve bad memory, but which is best for a given combination of parts.

Many people enjoy having lots of options to choose from, and Intel should have praise for giving people those options. But the option of which is the best memory does carry with it the needs to ask around to figure out what is best. Oh yes, you might expect a flame war for your post.