Is it my new card or the PCI-e slot?


Nov 2, 2012
I bought this card

I'm trying to get it to work on this PC

I'am using Vista home basic with SP2

I added 1 extra GB of ram and a 500 watt PSU to the above pc, bought the card, put it in the PCI-E slot, and i cannot get a signal from it and windows cannot even detect it at all.

I have already switched the default video to pci-e in my BIOS. I don't have any other way to test the card in another PC.

I havent had anything in the PCI-E slot for atleast 5 years, so i'm not sure if its the card or the slot that is dead. I'm not sure if it matters for either outcome, but when i put the card in the PCI-E slot, the heatsink on it gets warm. I have no actual clue, but i'm thinking that since it gets warm the card or slot has to have some life in it.

I have also tryed installing the drivers with no luck at all.

Thanks for any help.


Jun 24, 2012
It won't probably help but I am kinda in the same fix as you are but I have held off my purchase before I could make sure this motherboard would run it.
My model of motherboard is Intel d945gccr and here is the thread I started.. Yours is the same? right?

It would be great help if you can give your feedback after properly installing this card.

My suggestion would be.
1. Boot into bios and in video configuration set PCI E as the video to use.
2. Run proper driver installation after booting into windows.
3. If this doesnt work just check the card on some other newer PC.

And if you get to run it, please reply here so I can go forward with my purchase
And I am going to buy a HD6670.

Edit : So you have already set it to PCI E. Can you boot into windows fine? Get a display?
edit : Also make sure your bios is updated to the latest