Question is it my router or my isp

Jun 23, 2021
hello, I got a network problem, I get ping spikes in games at various times and packet loss through ethernet cable, especialy right now , here are some results :
pingplotter: (idk why the router doesnt appear there but I can ping in cmd)
cmd to google. :
cmd to my router:
cmd tracert google:

the router is probably a modem router that my isp gave me(F660RV1) that works with fiber , i usualy get 450mbs download and 250 upload but right now i get 300 mbs and around 2-3 upload probably even 1mb , my jitter even spiked to 3k out of nowhere.
on pingplotter i usualy don't get packetloss at all but right now i got everywhere , also sometimes the 2nd line goes to even 100% and also dissapears and ive had this happen months ago even tho the internet worked fine , then lately this month started to get small packet losses and ping spikes in games .
Once i restarted the router and it worked normaly after, but now that I tried that it doesn't do anything.
Is it my router or my isp ?
It is likely your ISP.

Since this a fiber optic GPON connection I can offer little direct help. I would check if there is some kind of log showing errors.

Unlike say a cable modem there is not much that can go wrong with the fiber. I guess it could have dirt on a connection but I would not try to clean it, simple fingerprints on the end of a fiber cable can degrade the signal.

I would call the ISP. In general when you have no issues to the router IP (ie hop 1) that means your equipment and the lan are good. Hop2 represents the connection between your house and the ISP. It could be the modem/gpon but it is likely something else. Only the ISP can really tell. This can be anything from broken equipment to a small crack in the fiber someplace. The only exception to this would be if you were overloading your internet connection. That is not likely with the huge bandwidth you have.

What I would do in addition to the pingplotter is run a constant ping to hop 1 and hop 2 at the same time. Many ISP techs are clueless so you need to make it as simple for them as possible. Your pingplotter though shows very clearly there is a problem in hop2 that affects ever other hop past it which means the problem starts in hop 2.

You are in someways lucky many people have problems like this and they are very random and the ISP will test and say everything is fine because they didn't test long enough.
I guess you only imagined that you had a network problem. :)

Time of day problems are almost always other people causing the problem.

The latency is also much much lower in these tests. Packet loss can be caused by defective equipment where latency is almost always a result of data being held in buffers because of a overloaded connection. When it gets bad enough and the buffers get full data is discarded.

Next time you see problems try to verify that nothing in your house is downloading or uploading large amounts of data. What it means though is a bunch of your neighbors are using a lot of bandwidth. The bandwidth between your house and the first ISP node is shared. This used to be a very common problem but now that the data connections are fast it takes a lot more users to overload all the bandwidth. A ISP will not admit they have oversold the network. Sometimes they can rebalance which houses you share with but only the ISP knows and they will pretend the know nothing about this....technically the tier 1 techs do not know it is the field engineers that do it.