Question is it normal for my CPU to run at 65 degree all the time?

Oct 22, 2022
So i noticed recently that no matter what is open on my PC or anything the temp of my cpu chipset is at 65 degree when my cpu package is at 33 or something, like i just turned on the PC and i checked the temp and it's at 65 degree and i'm actually scared i might have connected the cpu fan wrong or something and that this one doesn't run when it's should i had some struggle about connecting all the fans in my PC so i wouldn't be surprised i connected this one wrong i have some screen shot that let me think that even more because the asus armoury crate just display reds zeros at the one named CPU fan unlike the others fan that have white zeros because they're just not running bc it's not needed when no games are running so yeah is it normal? or i just been playing with a permant 65 degree base temperature because i manage to connect wrong the CPU fan?


On most motherboards, the chipset is below the memory sockets on the other half of the board.
Some have an onboard fan over them, others are passive(heatsink only).
Nothing alarming about a 65C chipset; it can handle way higher than that.