Question Is it normal for my i5 8600k to be at 35c while idle?


Effective cooling is about airflow. Typically, front, side, and bottom fans pull cool air into the case. Rear and top fans exhaust the hot air from inside the case to the outside.

Having a single fan is not efficient. You should consider using (at least one) a front intake fan, along with the rear fan (that I assume you have) providing exhaust to help move air through your case better.


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The Colonel is correct, however, something doesn't add up ...

50°F is 10°C, which is indeed an abnormally cold environment for operating a computer.

The standard for "normal" room temperature is 22°C or 72°F. Normal idle temperature shouldn't exceed 10 to 15°C above ambient.

IF "idle" is really idle, which means only 1 or 2% CPU Utilization in Windows Task Manager, then in a 10°C environment, idle Core temperature for a desktop computer should only be 20 to 25°C.

Obviously, there's some additional information that we're missing.

Either your ambient temperature isn't accurate, OR, "idle" isn't really idle and is instead a light load, OR there's a cooling issue such as thermal compound failure, or an improperly mounted air cooler, or an AIO liquid cooler with a flow problem.

Regardless, idle temperature is a poor indicator of thermal performance, and can be very misleading. This raises other question such as what your load temperature is when running which software workload using which monitoring utility.

Please provide more detailed information.

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