Is It Normal Laptop Battery Wear level drop down to 58% after almost 2 year?


Oct 28, 2020
So i had this MSI Modern 14 Laptop, i used it casualy for working and light gaming, but after almost 2 year, i started found out that my battery drains quickly, and i check that wear level drop down to 58%, and also sometimes the battery suddenly drop to 0% when i'm restarting laptop or turn on the laptop even after i used it 1 hour ago, do i need to change my battery or i can still used it while charging for about 1-2 year (i'm afraid it will only make the battery more dangerous or swollen), because right now i not be able to buy a new battery.
At some point all batteries need to be replaced, but if you use AC adapter all the time then no need to replace the battery immediately. Many phones and laptops have their original batteries for their whole life.

Only defective batteries will get pregnant ;)
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